Worship Team

Higherland Worship Team


The Methodist Worship Book has the following description in the preface:


Worship is a gracious encounter between God and the Church


Well we are not absolutely sure that we would describe all of our attempts at singing worship songs as “gracious” but they are certainly done with enthusiasm and love for God.


How to worship

Many people may argue about what style of worship is best

 - Traditional vs. modern

 - Wesley vs. Kendrick

 - Watts vs. Townend

 - etc., etc.


But WE say


Style is unimportant if it’s from the heart!


The Father seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and truth. - John 4:23


What to worship with?

Well what does the bible actually say?


Bells of pure gold - Exodus 39:25

Trumpets made of silver - Numbers 10:2

Rams horns used as trumpets - Joshua 6:4

Lyres made of algum wood - 1 Kings 10:12

Harps made of algum wood – 2 Chronicles 9:11

Tambourines – Exodus 15:20

Cymbals - Psalm 150:3-5

Dancing – Psalm 150:4

Flute – Psalm 150:4

Voices – Acts 16:25

Hands – Psalm 134:2


We don’t have any lyres, harps or rams horns, so what do we have? What actually happens ?


What about an organ?

Yes, we certainly have an organ – it is in fact an excellent pipe organ that is used every week for traditional style hymns that we love.

We also have a Yamaha keyboard that’s also used for traditional and new songs.


What about guitars?

Yes, we have acoustic guitars, and also electric bass and 6 string guitars that are used every week to assist the congregation in communal praise.


What about drums?

Yes, we have drums and other percussion instruments that are used for songs, as appropriate. 


What about worship leaders and preachers?

Yes, the worship team has one commissioned worship leader at the moment.

As part of the commissioning service, Worship Leaders' make the following promise:

“In my daily life and in my leadership of worship, I will seek to promote, not

   my own glory, but the glory of the Lord – with God’s help”

Similarly Charles Wesley once said:

                “While in the heavenly work we join, Thy glory be our whole design, Thy glory, not our own.”
We also have an accreditted local preacher as part of the team.

Moreover, nearly all members have had responsibility of leading worship in the Brigade, Fellowships and other church activities.


Who are the members of the worship team and what do they do?

 Andy Jackson  Audio/Visual
 Bill Symonds  Percussion
 Helen Lovatt  Vocals
 Jean Middling Vocals
 Kevin Lovatt  Guitarist and Worship Leader
 Lynne Velnoweth-Edge  Vocals
 Margaret Stevenson  Vocals
 Phil Symonds  Bass guitarist and Local Preacher
 Richard Priest  Organist and keyboard
 Ron Chadwick  Techie
 Ray Deakin Organist
 Stephanie Lovatt  Multimedia presentation
 Sue Hartland  Vocals

Worship team development


We are growing and we are delighted when more new talent joins us.

Contact one of the members or send us an e-mail to find out more.