Worship Team

HigherlandWorship Team

Within our Sunday Morning Worship Services we enjoy the benefit of both an organist and a worship group giving flexibility of musical styles.

We have a team of people who frequently undertake a wide range of roles in worship, led by a commissioned Worship Leader, Kevin Lovatt, and a Local Preacher, Phil Symonds.

These roles include: multi-voiced dramatised Bible readings, sketches, prayers, contemporary worship songs, projecting responsive prayers and psalms, images and video clips, using sound recordings from a variety of media, etc.

If you have an urge to sing or play your instrument in worship why not come along to our weekly practice in the church every Thursday at 7pm, all are welcome.

Please feel free to ask any of the group for more details or give Kev a ring on 07988-532738.

Who are the members of the worship team and what do they do?

 Andy Jackson  Audio/Visual
 Bill Symonds  Percussion
 Helen Lovatt  Vocals
 Jean Middling Vocals
 Kevin Lovatt  Guitarist and Worship Leader
 Lynne Velnoweth-Edge  Vocals
 Margaret Stevenson  Vocals
 Phil Symonds  Bass guitarist and Local Preacher
 Richard Priest  Organist and keyboard
 Ron Chadwick  Techie
 Ray Deakin Organist
 Stephanie Lovatt  Multimedia presentation
 Sue Hartland  Vocals

Worship team development


We are growing and we are delighted when more new talent joins us.

Contact one of the members or send us an e-mail to find out more.